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Listening, Communicating, Simplicity and Feedback!
As each living being on earth is special, each software/website, it needs detail attention and care. Each software/website related to any business is special.

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Every Business is Unique Your IT Solutions Should Be Too!

Like a masterful piece of artwork, the ideal software/website needs to tap your business needs, stimulate your business process and make a substantial etch into your business.
However developing software is expensive. And practically not all small scale businesses can afford it.
Yet, almost every company needs software aid in either creating your new website, or updating your software application to improve your work efficiency. Whatever your need is there is an immense need for affordable and reliable software company.
Thus most of the small scale businesses try to outsource their projects to offshore companies. Though outsourcing saves cost it comes with some potential pitfalls. For instance:
  • How do you know if your intellectual property rights are protected or not.
  • Is there a guarantee that your information is kept confidential.
  • How will you know your project was completed on time or not
  • What are the code standards followed
  • What if a dispute arises. Etc etc.
At BIGG we have got this sorted for you!
Step 1. Consult with our Business Analyst

You will be assigned a Senior Business Analyst. The initial consultation is FREE and we will help you determine the best step ahead for your project. We conduct a needs analysis and assessment, we start with your business requirement, your end-customer or your domain, your ROI from the proposition and the expectation from the deliverables.

This helps your decide on what type of person/team you need for your project and for how long so as to achieve your project goals.

Step 2. Assign a Dedicated Software Developer/Team

BIGG hand picks a team of expert software developer, designer, tester who have knowledge of your particular subject domain or market segment, along with specialization in their own domain. We work together with your teams to launch, grow, and keep your business healthy.

Our team typically have 4+ years of experience, read and write English fluently and work from a remote location during your business hours.

Programmers have to listen "in the large": they have to listen to what the customer needs. We believe for the programmers to find what the functionality of the system should be, they have to listen to business.

Communication between the customer and programmer is further addressed in Planning phase.

Step 3. Planning the Game!

The game is a meeting that occurs once per week. This is the heart of the process where we plan for the week(s) deliverables.

This is focused on determining what requirements are included in which near-term releases, and when they should be delivered. The customers and developers are both part of this.

Step 4. Designing the game!

One can come a long way with coding, testing and listening. If those activities are performed well, the result should always be a system that works. However at one given time one will get stuck. The system becomes too complex and the dependencies within the system cease to be clear. One can avoid this by creating a design structure that organizes the logic in the system. Good design will avoid lots of dependencies within a system; this means that changing one part of the system will not affect other parts of the system. Every design critical complexity has to be addressed before starting the iteration execution.
Step 5. Testing and feedback!

We believe in test as you develop. One cannot be certain of anything unless one has tested it. Testing is not a perceived, primary need for the customer. A lot of software is shipped without proper testing and still works. In software development, we say this means that one cannot be certain that a function works unless one tests it. We at BIGG have a team of qualified testers who have a wide range of experience in testing various complex applications. There are various set of testing from testers. This is then passed to customers for their feedback.
Step 6. Continuous support!

We go that extra mile for you! All said outsourcing companies stop at the earlier step and end their partnership with the contract. With the rapid advances that technology makes on an almost daily basis, companies struggle to keep up with the competition and revenue pressures. We acknowledge all this and help build a relationship which never ends.

We strongly believe - A Satisfied Customer is a Customer who will return the favour with loyalty and by recommending us to other customers!

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