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Our Strategy

BIGG are based on certain fundamental principles which determines our business focus, gives dimensions to our strategy and channelize our initiatives

BIGG is a factory product initiative of a geek who has a deep understanding of Web service industry, users and an unquenchable ambition to grow. BIGG thrives on simplicity and creativity. Our services and solutions are autochthonic and are addressed at an entity or individual needs.

We believe "simplicity is sophisticated". We believe in agile process. We proactively ask questions, we listen and define systematic functions for every need. At the same time we are agile to changes. Our processes are pliable and whippy.

Our vision is to automate all the business onto internet. We totally believe in a paper free environment. Our processes and methods are totally focused to build and accommodate the exponential future growth needs. Our agile processes and vision to forecast the future needs allows us to scale indefinitely.

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