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Our key values: Listening, Communicating, Simplicity and Feedback!

As each living being on earth is special, each software/website, it needs detail attention and care. Each software/website related to any business is special.

Every Business is Unique Your IT Solutions Should Be Too!
Like a masterful piece of artwork, the ideal software/website needs to tap your business needs, stimulate your business process and make a substantial etch into your business.
However developing software is expensive. And practically not all small scale businesses can afford it.
Yet, almost every company needs software aid in either creating your new website, or updating your software application to improve your work efficiency. Whatever your need is there is an immense need for affordable and reliable software company.
Thus most of the small scale businesses try to outsource their projects to offshore companies. Though outsourcing saves cost it comes with some potential pitfalls. For instance:
  • How do you know if your intellectual property rights are protected or not.
  • Is there a guarantee that your information is kept confidential.
  • How will you know your project was completed on time or not
  • What are the code standards followed
  • What if a dispute arises. Etc etc.
At BIGG we have got this sorted for you!


Project Title : www.biggsport.com
Technology : PHP, MySQL
This is a sports news portal. It also has cricket fantasy game for ODI and T20 format.
  • PHP
  • html
  • logos
  • flash

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